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wines in 4 years

When we talk about exceptional wines, the years in "4" hold a special place in the hearts of amateurs and connoisseurs. Years ending in "4" were often marked by climatic conditions favoring the production of remarkable wines. These vintages are distinguished by their quality and richness, offering fans...

When we talk about exceptional wines, the years in "4" hold a special place in the hearts of amateurs and connoisseurs. Years ending in "4" were often marked by climatic conditions favoring the production of remarkable wines. These vintages are distinguished by their quality and richness, offering fans an impressive variety of flavors and textures.

For a wedding, a baptism, a retirement or a birthday, offer an excellent wine in accordance with the year concerned by the event.


The rarity of 1914 vintages in the face of war

The 1914 vintage is considered exceptionally rare due to the difficulties encountered by the vineyards during the First World War. Difficult climatic conditions, combined with the impact of conflict, led to late harvests and challenges in winemaking.

Despite this, certain wines, such as those from Champagne, have managed to stand out for their exceptional quality. These rare bottles, such as Château Paulet 1914 Très Vieille Fine Cognac, are highly sought after by collectors and lovers of old wines.


The fruitful 1924 vintage

The 1924 vintage is recognized for its high quality, equaling that of the 1920 vintage. In Bordeaux, favorable weather conditions allowed the production of elegant, long-lasting red wines, as well as exceptional Sauternes. Burgundy also benefited from mild conditions, producing full-bodied but low-tannin red wines. Champagne and the Rhône Valley also benefited from this favorable weather, giving birth to champagnes and wines that will keep well.

Among these great vintages, we find the 1924 Rei Manuel Port. This old vintage will delight lovers of Great Port Wines as well as collectors of historic bottles.


The undeniable quality and quantity of the 1934 vintage

The 1934 vintage is recognized for its exceptional quality and abundant quantity. This year's climatic conditions have been particularly favorable in the French wine-growing regions, particularly in Bordeaux. Among the remarkable wines of 1934, we find Château Gruaud Larose Sarget, a great vintage from the Saint-Julien appellation, and Château Cadet-Piola from Saint-Émilion, recognized for its excellent conservation.

Another notable example is the Bourgogne Reserve de la Chèvre Noire, a unique and numbered Burgundy wine. These wines illustrate the richness and diversity of the productions of the year 1934, offering lovers varied options both in terms of flavor and historical value.


The 1944 vintages in the face of weather conditions

The 1944 vintage was marked by difficult weather conditions in all French wine-growing regions. In Bordeaux, a rainy summer impacted the quality of the harvest, leading to a lack of maturity of the grapes. Nevertheless, certain Bordeaux red wines have managed to stand out and are highly sought after today. In Sauternes, despite inequalities, the sweet wines produced are sweet and sappy, demonstrating superior quality.

Among this year's notable wines, we find Château Filhot 1944, Château Lafite Rothschild 1944 and Château Margaux 1944, which remain safe values despite climatic challenges.


The excellent 1964 vintage as a gift wine for a year in 4

The 1964 vintage is recognized for its exceptional quality, offering red wines of great value. Among them, Château Peyguilhem 1964, a wine from the Côtes de Fronsac appellation, stands out for its bottling at the château and its presentation in half-bottle. Another gem is Louis Latour's Chambertin 1964, a Burgundy Grand Cru renowned for its superb color and incomparable quality. Finally, Château Vieux Fortin 1964, a Grand Cru from Saint-Emilion, is notable for its impeccable conservation and its unique character.


The prized vintages of 1974

The 1974 vintage is known to have been a challenge in all French wine regions due to difficult weather conditions. This year's Bordeaux red wines proved to be of good quality despite torrential rain, while white wines were less appealing.

In Burgundy and the Rhône Valley, the wines produced were generally weak and acidic. Despite these challenges, some estates have managed to produce prized, well-aged wines, such as Château Margaux, Château Latour, and Magnum Château Beychevelle. These vintages tell a unique story and are ideal for celebrating special occasions.


1984 vintages for gifts

The 1984 vintage, although considered a weak vintage in France, offers unique and interesting wines, perfect for gifts. Clos de Vougeot 1984 Alain Hudelot-Noellat is a great Burgundy wine, representative of the prestigious Clos de Vougeot appellation, with exceptional conservation.

A prestigious second wine, Château Mouton Rothschild 1984 is a Grand Cru Classé from the Pauillac appellation, famous for its quality. Finally, Château Camensac 1984 offers a unique tasting experience. Each of these wines represents a different facet of the 1984 vintage, ideal for giving as a gift.


Rare anniversary wine with 1994 vintages

The 1994 vintage, although marked by climatic irregularities and challenges, produced rare and exceptional wines, perfect for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays. Among these wines, we find remarkable bottles such as the Meursault Goutte d'Or 1994 Domaine Pierre, a Burgundy wine renowned for its exceptional quality.

The Château Piche-Leibre 1994 from Margaux illustrates the resilience and know-how of winegrowers in the face of a hot summer followed by rains in September. Finally, the Echezeaux Grand Cru 1994 Domaine François Lamarche represents the elegance and complexity of the great wines of Burgundy. These wines, with their history and unique character, are wonderful choices for marking memorable anniversaries.


The classic return of the 2004 vintages

The 2004 vintage represents a classic turning point in wine production. After the drought of 2003, 2004 benefited from a sunny spring and balanced rains, resulting in a generous harvest. This year's wines stand out for their balance and finesse.

Among them, the Château Saint-Georges 2004 Côte de Pavie from Saint-Émilion, the Pommard-Rugiens 2004 Domaine Y.Clerget from Burgundy, and the Château Haut Lariveau 2004 illustrate the quality of this vintage. These wines, accessible yet refined, represent ideal choices for wine lovers.


The 2014 vintages with some real good surprises

The 2014 vintage from the Bordeaux Valley is renowned for its classic quality and excellent profile. Two remarkable examples from this year are the “La Providence 2014”, a great Bordeaux wine from the Margaux appellation, and the Balthus 2014 Château de Reignac, a confidential vintage bottled at the château.

These wines represent the excellence of the 2014 vintage, offering a taste pleasure with their roundness and accessibility, as well as a quality full of surprises.


As we have explored the riches of the vintages from 1914 to 2014, it is important to note the notable absence of the 1904 and 1954 vintages.

The 1904 vintage, although these wines are no longer accessible today, embody the spirit of a bygone era, marked by traditional craftsmanship and evolving techniques. As for 1954, this year stands out in the context of the post-war period, a period of reconstruction and renewal for many European vineyards. The wines of 1954 recall the challenges and triumphs of a generation of winegrowers determined to breathe new life into their lands and their traditions.

Au Droit de Bouchon offers you a wide variety of exceptional vintages for 4 years, each of which is guaranteed for its authenticity and prestigious provenance.

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