Domaine François Gaunoux 

Son of the late but famous Henri Gaunoux, renowned winemaker from Pommard, François Gaunoux was born into winemaking. Cultivating vines from the age of 15, a vineyard which he improved thanks to successive acquisitions and resales, François Gaunoux now owns vines from the best climates, including the Beaune First Growth « Clos des Mouches », Meursault First Growth « La Goutte d'Or », Meursault « Le Clos De Tavaux monopole », Pommard First Growth « Les Epenots », « Les Grands Epenots » and « Les Rugiens »…

Passionate producer, François Gaunoux is also the president of the Côte d'Or Viticulture Commettee since 1974.

Now joined with his daughter, Domaine François Gaunoux perpetuates a family tradition of producing great Bourgogne wines.