Château Haut-Brion

Château Haut Brion has one of the oldest and most prestigious Bordeaux vineyards. The castle was built 5 centuries ago by the famous Jean de Pontac. His grand-son Arnaud II de Pontac, renowned winemaker, brings a remarkable quality to his wines which become famous and appreciated in Europe in the 17th century. In the 18th century, Château Haut-Brion's reputation spreads to the United States where it becomes a favorite at the White House, tasted and appreciated by several american presidents including Jefferson, Washington, Madison and Monroe. In 1855, Haut-Brion is granted the First Growth title alongside the mythical Lafite, Margaux and Latour ; it becomes the most expensive and sought-after Bordeaux wine.

During the 19th century, the wines have evolved a lot : for example, in the 1950s and 1960s, they were rich, earthy and perfectly smooth ; after a short off-peak period between 1966 and 1974, Château Haut-Brion regains its legendary glory in 1975 thanks to the wonderful work of Jean Delmas from 1961 to 2003, one of the best winemakers in the world. Among many other things, he improved the wine quality and concentration with a vine thinning technique.

The Haut-Brion red wine is the most aromatic of the Bordeaux First Growths and has an exceptional ageing potential. The second wine from the property, Bahans Haut-Brion, is also excellent. Finally, the Haut-Brion white wine from this magical and unforgettable property, is a rich and complex wine and one of the most exceptional Graves wines.

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