M. Chapoutier

Chapoutier is one of the most renowned and respected domaines from Vallée du Rhône. The winery was founded in the early 19th century but became world-famous only in the 1990s. The production of its beautiful wines is a result of the exceptional work of Michel Chapoutier. He brought to the estate a reassessment of the wine-growing and winemaking practices which allowed the wines to reach excellence. For example, Domaine Chapoutier's vineyards are cultivated according to biodynamic principles, meaning that herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are non-existent. The productivity is kept low thanks to the radical pruning of old vines and the estimation of the winemakers' salary according to the surface and not the quantity. Besides, Domaine Chapoutier purchases large quantities of additional grapes to offer a wide range of Rhône wines, such as the beautiful Hermitage Blanc de Chante-Alouette.