Has wine become a good safe haven ?

Published : 2020-10-13 11:42:08
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Has wine become a good safe haven ?

With this world health crisis and the economic slowdown, wineries are overflowed with products and the wine market has been weakened. These past few weeks, we noticed an increase in supply and a drop in demand : a slow consumer and professional demand (hotels, restaurants and tourism).

In October - harvesting periods - winemakers will pick the grapes and vinify them but vats and cellars are already full. Millions of bottles from previous years have not been sold. What if it was time to buy quality wine? Fine bottles and great vintages could drop by 30% and be considered as a good investment for the medium term.

Why should you invest in wine?

Wine becomes more and more valuable over time. For wine experts and lovers, a good wine is always enjoyable, for themselves, to share with others or create a beautiful cellar, which will increase in value over time. Quality wines, highly sought-after vintages or bottles from prestigious vineyards represent a reassuring investment, much more realistic than money investment and stock exchange. Crus rarity and terroir quality ensure a long-term valorization.

A few tips for a good investment


Wine can be a safe investment.

  • Invest in the best bottles, choose long-keeping wines.
  • Opt for a wide range of wines, focusing on Grands Crus and first growth French wine, a few foreign bottles (especially from Italy and Germany). Bordeaux is also an excellent investment but Bourgogne offers very fine Crus with more confidential productions.
  • Diversify vintages and regions, prioritizing red and non-effervescent wines, even if it is a good idea to get a good selection of Champagne, a prized appellation.
  • Identify the best cuvées and vintages.
  • Make sure you store and preserve your wine properly.
  • Maybe call in an expert to help you choose the right bottles and manage your cellar.


Wine is a good and safe investment. After this health crisis and the general decline in prices, we can expect it to bounce back in the medium term. The return to normal business and tourism activities should create either an increase in prices or a return to normal. Wine could thus be a very good investment for future years.