What's a great wine ?

Published : 2020-10-01 17:20:04
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What's a great wine ?

In order to experience exceptional sensations during a wine tasting, there is nothing better than this kind of wine. They require particular characteristics which give them a highly sought-after originality. What can we expect from this designation ?





Wine quality is often controversial. Therefore, it is quite difficult to determine a standard definition in regards to great wines in particular. However, a great wine can be defined by a favourable opinion of a panel of experts. The majority of those experts needs to agree perfectly on the exceptional nature of the product's gustatory properties. This way, such a wine is given incomparable potential for finesse, purity, balance, aromas, power, complexity, persistence of taste, etc.


A wine such as this is a real source of sensation, emotion and passion. It is available everywhere and at various prices. There is no issue of geographic representation even though it might come from a grand cru. For the latter, the « terroir » aspect is key. The Grand Cru nomination is in fact tightly controlled depending on the regions.


Furthermore, we have to remember that the term « Great » when it is in relation to wine was originally reserved for the first selection of Bordeaux wines. Including the Médoc region which holds very large tracts of vine plantations. A few years ago, the Bordeaux Wine Trade Council agreed to the use of the term by all winemakers from this same location.



A few selected criteria


A few variables make these wines unique. We can identify a wide range of criteria which make ultimately the difference.


Naturalness of the product : it is essential to produce the most natural wine possible from organic grapes. The amount produced is not as important here as the quality of the wine produced. Generally, this approach is not approved by producers which work in line with the dynamics of an intensive production. These producers use legal tips in order to reach their goals. Among other things, the use of artificial yeasts, must concentration and acidification are a reality in this industry.


Emotional dimension : this type of wine has a difficult component to define which justifies the emotional experience of the taster. This may seem mysterious for the average people. However, this particularity remains an intrisic characteristic of this kind of wine.


Lenght on the palate : the persistence of the taste in the mouth after swallowing is one of the more specific properties of this type of wine.


Popularity in regards to a number of parameters : finesse, purity, complexity, aromas, balance... are all compelling aspects of this category of wines.


Originality : these wines are produced according to the terroirs' own technology. They carry a specific cultural imprint and particular style.