Wine-themed gifts, anniversary wines to offer

Published : 2020-10-02 11:42:56
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Wine-themed gifts, anniversary wines to offer

Celebrate important events with exceptional wines


Some life events must be celebrated in extraordinary ways : birthday, wedding, baptism, retirement, birth. It may be difficult to find the gift which will make someone happy and make a difference ! Why not consider offering an anniversary wine ?

Au droit de bouchon offers for sale a wide range of bottles from exceptional vintages among which you will find the perfect wine-themed gift, matching the year of the celebrated event. Choose an ancient wine for any important life event. Make a mark in time with a collection bottle from our catalogue, where each and every vintage is guaranteed with authenticity and prestigious origins. A personal gift for fine wine lovers, providing the opportunity to either share a beautiful tasting or preserve and keep the wine for another important event.

A large selection of rare vintaged wines


Au droit de bouchon makes an effort to find and sell extraordinary products : ancient wines from rare vineyards and collection bottles for perfect wine-themed gifts.

Each vintaged wine is submitted to extensive researches conducted by our sommelier experts. Indisputable quality and verified authenticity are the necessary conditions for bottles to be able to be included in our catalogue of exceptional vintages. The choice for an anniversary wine is based on key requirements : desired year, region or maybe even a particular vineyard, allocated budget.

Au droit de bouchon only offers products which are available and in stock, it is our client satisfaction charter and guarantee of selling exceptional products. Rarity and age often go with long-keeping wines and outstanding flavors.

In order to please as many wine lovers as possible, Au droit de bouchon gives you the opportunity to purchase bottles from world-famous regions such as Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Vallée du Rhône thanks to a large selection of potential anniversary wines from a desired year. Other regions in France and in the world are also available, not forgotten in our search for rare products and exceptional vintages : Alsace, Jura, Italy, Germany or Spain for example. Red, white, « vin jaune » or syrupy wines, your wine-themed gift will certainly be found here.


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Expertise and service worthy of these exceptional wines


Au droit de bouchon makes every effort to efficiently guide you in your search for the perfect gift to honor your exceptional event.

Our customer service provides guidance and assists you with an attentive ear and professional reactivity, according to your needs and our available bottles. Our expertise guarantees the purchase of a perfectly matured ancient wine, drinkable immediately or suitable to many years of keeping in the right conditions.

We pay careful attention to the presentation of products to offer and respect your wishes : vintaged collection bottle, box set and customized message for a meticulously secured shipment. Offer Grands Crus from vintages which are certified by optimum preservation, allowing for a perfect ageing with intense flavors that stay unchanged over time. Furnish the cellars of your family and friends or give yourself an excuse to build a fantastic collection of rare wines for important events. For all budgets and in the whole world, the team delivers your orders quickly so you can be sure not to miss the big day.